“..Few and Far Between”

Produced by: Bill Simpson

New Full Length CD

Release Date:  04/2009

2009/Sweet William Publish.(BMI)

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Artist: Life & Limb

Album: “..Few and Far Between”

Released: April 2009

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by: Bill Simpson

Over a year in the making and Life & Limb’s sensational debut full length CD “..Few and Far Between”  has finally arrived. The premiere album boasts an original keyboard driven sound ranging from modern rock to bluesy alternative, sending a breath of fresh air across today’s airwaves. This finely crafted work encompasses a unique blend of colorful instrumentation, solid driving rhythms, and soulful vocal melodies, and is the creative masterpiece of just three unique musicians; songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Bill Simpson, drummer and percussionist Patrick Mueller, and lead vocalist Dave Kelly.

Why is it special?    

..Few and Far Between” was created with full artistic freedom, and therefore the writing and producing was kept entirely organic. This enabled the musicians the versatility to develop all the right parts, with all the right instruments, in all the right places, with no time restraints, and without the interference of outside producers and engineers, thus keeping it’s originality totally intact. The aspiration of the project was to create great new music and memorable sounds, and as innovative as possible. Piece by piece, each song was recorded through several months of developing many intricate parts, and melding them into a well-defined genuine sound. Each song dives headfirst into an array of emotions, reflecting the challenges overcome through the albums creation, proving it as inventive and diverse as the artists and their influences before them. The overall lyrical tones cover a wide range of topics involving twists on relationship adversities, the greatness of inner strengths, and deep into the heart of the struggles and wonders of everyday living, and so much more.

What’s it all about?  

The initial recording sessions began in early 2008, with Dave developing some great vocal harmonies over several unique keyboard and guitar riffs on ‘Something’s Wrong’, previously laid down by Simps. The combined new sound was undeniable, and the chemistry sparked weeks of studio hours mixing and creating cutting edge original music. With the addition of Patrick’s inventive drum parts, came a distinctive bolder flavor that solidified the original sound, and soon a six song demo was complete by summer. Then, after a handful of successful live showcases, and much positive reinforcement from the fans and industry folk alike, it was only natural to complete a full length album to reveal the broader range of Life & Limb’s styles and sounds. Forging ahead, the new recording sessions stretched through the fall, and by the time editing and mixing was complete, they had reached the new year. With their eye on the prize, the mixes were fine tuned, and headed into mastering for polishing off. It wasn't until late March that the CD was finalized, and readily available worldwide for all to enjoy.

How is it significant?

At first glance the album feels of fun themed grooves and catchy sing along choruses. However, diving further into the record reveals the deeper layers of brilliance; the developed phrasing shifts, the twisted sense of time signatures, the intricate weaving of vocal to guitar and keyboard melody lines, imaginative poetic structures, lyrical ironies, distinct hard edge rhythmic meters, the subtle warmth of instrument placement, and it’s all grounded by the artist’s adept musical proficiency and savory ingenuity. Pushing forward through so many moons of ups and downs, the indescribable bounds of technical, individual, and creative challenges were ultimately surpassed. To triumphantly summit the mountain, and to bring a vision of this magnitude to realization, it was an opportunity the band describes as “an unbelievable journey that was few and far between”.

In addition, the early release of the album’s singles ‘Whoa Nelly’ and ‘Sweet Jesus’ are already receiving national radio airplay, and have also been selected to top the TM-Studio’s Century HitDisc, (the compilation promo-CD of the nation’s hottest rising radio singles, which is supplied to hundreds of Adult, Alternative, Top 40, and Rock Radio markets across America).  “Life & Limb’s first single to pop radio features great piano playing in a rock format. You may want to keep your eyes on these guys...” Anaphora Music, News & Views, March 2009.

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